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Let me be the first to welcome to Wicca Today. The goal of our site is twofold. One of our goals is to supply information to you, over guests. We'll have information whether you are a novice at being a Wiccan, a bit more seasoned or if you are just interested in learning just what Wicca is.

Our second goal is to be able to provide supplies that maybe needed or desired. Our hope is to have a little bit of everything plus a few things that is difficult to find in general.

What's new!

We are! We're new to the neighborhood and we are eager to settle ourselves in. Feel free to look around our place as our home is your home.

The Great Wheel of the YearTurn of the Wheel

We’re moving into the Yule Season, our Winter Solstice this year will happen December 21st so now is the time to get ready!

Fun Facts

Wicca is a religion that celebrates nature and the cycles of life through the symbol of a Great Wheel that never stops moving and changing.

Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon are important as it shows us the face of the Goddess.


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